And today I'm thankful for:

the sounds of children laughing, and the crackly swooshing sound of their bike tires against pavement,
the plop plop rhythm of my flip-flops dancing up and down the stairs
in between folding laundry and breathing deep,
and my patient sweetheart husband and the sparkles in his tired eyes,
the two of us sitting over a dinner of left-over veggie chili (with celery, "what," we ask, our grins wide in amusement, "was I thinking?"), mashed butternut squash and whole wheat flax seed muffins mushy on the inside,
Lily settled beneath the table against my toes,
the bright reds of chili and almost florescent orange glow of butternut squash piled onto our ceramic green plates,
the worn cotton of my favorite blue sundress against my skin,
and my favorite hooded turquoise sweatshirt.

A happy October to all...
(and to all, a good night)

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spread your wings said...

you visited my blog today and I'm glad you did because it brought me here, to yours. I am enjoying your writing style, something I haven't a talent for. I will be back to visit soon.