Invitation to Poetry: Epiphanies

Christine writes: "...I invite you to write a poem this week in celebration of epiphanies, of new beginnings, of new ways of seeing. You can write directly from the image below, which was taken on a very foggy morning in Seattle, or let it simply allow intuitive connections to stir."

image by Christine Valters Painter of Abby of the Arts
There are many beautiful responses on her web-site! This is mine:
It is late, and my mind is as thick as a foggy morning in Seattle but this photograph intrigues me: the water drops shimmering like jewels, strung together on threads of glitter.
Settled deep within my belly a phantom note begins to stir, pushing gently, at first. Then like a melody known by heart, Its beauty rises through me-
Imagine: a red balloon expanding wide, then even wider, until: POP! [exhale…] It splatters wide, then open-
So glittering vocal and terrifically alive: it expands into and then empties me out.


Abbey of the Arts said...

beautiful reflection, such evocative and powerful images! Thanks so much for your offering.

L.L. Barkat said...

Do you know how much I love poetry? A lot. And this one inspires.