#32 October Birthdays

Rockport, MA

Blue Hills Reservation. Milton, MA

Today is my birthday and these are a few of the many things I am grateful for:
This crisp autumn day, light filtering through leaves changing color, reflecting the vulnerability and beauty of our transience....
The "blog-sphere" and the space it provides, the encouragement and well wishes, the shared joys and sufferings. This blogging world provides me with an opportunity to speak and to be heard, to give voice to the parts of myself too often silent. Or silenced....

Water. Trails and Apple Orchards. Possibility and hope. Poetry, the magic of words. Memories of loved ones, of old loves. Bald heads and scraggly beards. Muscled backs and crushable hands.
Deep breaths and crisp apple crunching. Folded hands and crossed legs. WHACKS of consciousness and chuckling bellies.

I am but a visitor here, born to express gratitude for this living (o, the danger of living even one day!),
to learn and to practice the qualities of love and care,
to explore big and share lots...

...To BE.

To myself and others born on this day: Happy Birthday! I wish warmth and laughter, conversations over cups of tea, walks into the wilderness and the words to share, with the rest of us, all the beauty you have seen.

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