#50 The House with the Yellow Door

I used to drive by this house mornings on my way to work. It's been a few summers since I lived in Sheffield and that summer, I remember, was filled with cleaning houses and lots of landscaping. I passed this beautiful yellow door twice a day that summer, the house settled next to a historic New England cemetery, bikes out front, a soft breeze blowing through the screen door. It felt lived in. And warm. As though it welcomed me. Occasionally, I've wondered about the family living behind that yellow door. What smells fill their kitchen? What music wafts down their hallways and into the street? Are the rooms quiet or filled with laughter? Are cupboards empty or filled with canned corn and beef jerky?
But I like not-knowing. Because in not-knowing, there's space for the house with the yellow door to be just as I imagine it, constantly changing, the energy shifting, the colors bright. And always, it is filled with kindness and love, with care and gratitude. And as I imagine having my own home someday, its colors guide me gently, breathing hope into my dreams.

Tell me, what spaces inspire you?
And add a link if you have writing or pictures!


Char said...

I loved this instantly when I saw it on Flickr so I can see why you do too.

I've been searching for inspiration lately.

ELK said...

wow what a wonderful image along with a intriguing questions...

i noticed that I got much inspiration from our family table so I began recording it in photos:

table by window

Maria said...

I'm mesmerized by this house as well, your photo is so crisp and clean, can just imagine how this home feels in person. Love your description