Macro Monday

In keeping with the tradition started by Georgia B, a few Monday macro shots and much gratitude to--

my parents, and their continued dedication as they celebrate their 35th year

ELK's bird song and loveliness

the life-giving work etched upon my calloused hands

and these magical colors, glittering in the afternoon light...


Char said...

gorgeous macros!!! love them all

georgia b. said...

very cool! love the hand shot!

i actually thought i was starting something new with macro monday, but then when i was visiting a blog i frequent, i saw them do a macro monday and referred to another blog that they found that started that.

oh, well. i had not seen it, so the idea was original at least to me. :)

glad you are doing it too!

have you seen mosaic mondays? that's a new thing i've been seeing. maybe i'll try one of those some time.

elk said...

oh what an honor to be included in these special images...i have missed your artistic ways !