"...as if she'd passed through some door into a place where she could walk surely on the ground of her life." B. Kingsolver

Moving forward with dreams, taking risks, commiting myself to the living -the dangers of living for even one day!- fully engaged, participating, speaking loud enough to become visible, to say:
"But this is what I value and hold true. This is what I want. And I want to share it with you..."
Please, check out my new web-site, a space for me to articulate what I want and to engage others because living so fully, our hearts wide open, our breathing deep, involves a community of people, engaged in the conversation, helping us to understand and to evolve...
A Joyful (belated) Thanksgiving to all of you!


elizabeth said...

I love the joyful colors in this photo.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I checked out your site when you posted the link on my blog - so very exciting! I wish you years of happy and healthy fruit and veggies. :)

Char said...

hope you had a great holiday!