#49 (the camera teaches awareness)

I love how my camera teaches me to look more closely, my eyes intent on the details of things, watchful and curious. I'm learning about things I didn't even realize I'd be interested in, and they're fascinating! In learning what they are and in naming them, I feel invested somehow, as though I have a personal stake in their well-being and a responsibility to care for them in any way that I can (be is taking water samples from rivers, recycling my bottles, composting my food).

For example, I never knew what praying Mantis egg cases looked like. For that matter, I doubt I've ever given it much thought . . . Until, one afternoon while I was out with Lily, I kept seeing these beautifully delicate nest-like things clinging onto brush edges and nestled between branches. I took lots of pictures and, through a Flickr contact, I discovered they were Praying Mantis cases:

Yesterday on my morning walk, Lily and I stopped by to see how they were doing. It was quite icy out but this one looks okay:

What has your camera shown you?


Char said...

I would not have known what they were either. beautiful seeing.

today my camera showed me all shades of yellow.

Debra (a/k/a Doris, Mimi) said...

Wow - I wouldn't have a clue what critter these egg casings belong to. I love Praying Mantis. They are curious little creatures. Check out my post about one particular guy (or gal?) that I found on our deck.


Today my camera showed me the innocence of my grandchildren.

ELK said...

i so relate ~the camera has given me a second set of eyes of which I am eternally grateful for

Maria said...

Photography is such a mindful activity. You truly are in that moment, into every detail of it with no other thoughts or judgement.