The Seer

"The boundlessly visible includes but also excludes man. He sees, and he sees that he is being continually abandoned. Appearances belong to the boundless space of the visible. With his inner eye man experiences the space of his own imagination and reflection. Normally it is within the protection of this inner space that he places, retains, cultivates, lets run wild or constructs meaning.
At the moment of revelation when appearance and meaning become identical, the space of physics and the seer's inner space coincide: momentarily and exceptionally the seer achieves an equality with the visible. To lose all sense of exclusion; to be at the center..."

John Berger


S. Etole said...

it's good to have you here again ...

Suvarna said...

I am seeing this same underlying theme in peoples blogs this week, must be some strange and wonderful alignment of hearts and minds.